About Us

About Us

The aim of this site is to help to connect buyers and sellers
of sustainably developed properties.

We allow listings for properties that have been or have the potential to be developed in a sustainable manner. Each property is manually checked to ensure that it comes within our remit.

Whether a property is classed as ‘Sustainable’ depends upon many factors, such as

  • Water: having an independent source is desirable.
  • Electricity: independent renewable solutions are preferred but if the mains comes from mainly renewable sources then this may be the best option.
  • House construction: high insulation, eco products, good design, passive heating systems etc are all preferred
  • Heating: Wood may be a good option if dry firewood is available, other low carbon systems are now available
  • Food: providing for one’s own needs is ideal but any percentage is of benefit
  • Financial: having a sustainable income is also desirable.

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