Guide to set up property | Sustainable Properties

The process of listing your property is as follows:

  • Become a member of the site. View Sign up page.
  • When your membership application is successful you will be automatically logged in so that you can choose the advertising package you require.  View packages here. 
  • After choosing your package you will be directed to pay for the package. This is currently possible by Paypal or by a direct bank to bank transfer.
  • After your Payment is confirmed you will be able to login and enter the details of your property.

    Add property details

    To SUBMIT your new property you can either select the orange  SUBMIT PROPERTY button or by clicking on the ∨ symbol next to your login name and selecting ‘ Submit Property’. This will open the ‘Add New Property‘ page.


    • Add a Title for your property. We suggest that it should be no more than 75 characters long and should end with the country. e.g. Self sufficient, Eco-House with 200 metres sea access, Ireland
    • You can use the Add Media small link if you wish to add audio, or video to your page but I would suggest that if you simply have photos they can be more easily added further down the page.
    • Description.  Add here the details about your property. A suggested format is as follows:
      • a short description of the property. This can be highlighted in Bold.
      • the full details of your property including the answers to these questions is also useful: 
      • ( copy and paste the following:)
        House Construction: xxxx
        Roof Construction: xxxx
        House-insulation: xxxx
        Roof-insulation: xxxx
        Window-construction: xxxx
        Window-glazing:Double or single glazed
        Heating-house: xxxx
        Heating-water: xxxx
        Cooking method: xxxx
        Electricity: xxxx
        Water: xxxx
        Food-production: xxxx
        Income possibilities: xxxx.
        Owners opinion on sustainable features: xxxx.
    • Select a Status of  For Sale, Rent or Sold as appropriate
    • Select the Type of property being submitted from the drop down list.
    • Add your photos. Choosing ‘Select images’ will allow you to navigate to a folder and select your photos. We suggest that the photos are not too large to ensure that they are loaded quickly, especially from mobile devices. A good size would be 1200px wide at a resolution of 72. You can select the featured image by clicking on the small ☆ symbol next to the photo.
    • Add Video. If you wish you can add a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video about your property. Leave blank if not required.
    • Add 360° Virtual Tour. You can add an iFrame link if you have one. Leave blank if not required.
    • Price. Enter your property price in Pound Sterling without any currency sign or commas. e.g £125,000 should be entered as 125000. The label field can be used to add the price in your local currency, e.g. (230k euros) or as extra information for rented properties e.g per month.
    • Property Location. Complete the following details:
        Address – this will show on your listing so we suggest just using the town and country e.g. Lisbon, Portugal
        Postcode/ZIP code – if not known leave blank
        Location – select the country from the drop down list.
        Google Map view – if selected a small marker will be shown on the maps within the website. Recommended to be used.
        Map address – as you type the town, the appropriate reference should be shown. Select the one most appropriate. You can move the marker to a more accurate position if you wish.
      • Latitude / Longitude – you can set up exact co-ords here if you wish.
    • Property information; Enter the information as appropriate. If left blank they will not be included in the advert.
      • The Building size is the size of the property and should be entered as m2.
      • The Area size is the total land that comes with the property. It should be entered in m2. One hectare is 10000 m2, one acre is 4046.86 m2
    • Property amenities: Select those that apply. If left blank they will not be included in the advert.
    • Facilities.  This simply creates an additional entry on the webpage with the ‘content’ being highlighted next to the ‘label’ e.g “Special interest” This property has an established vineyard creating a valuable income.

    Then SAVE PROPERTY.  Your property information will be saved but will not become live until it has been reviewed.  You will receive an email when it has been accepted and published.

    Please note that all properties  are manually checked and if not found to meet the criteria of this website, are rejected.

    Thereafter any enquiries will be emailed directly to you and you will be able to modify your property details whenever you wish, although they will again be reviewed before becoming live.

        If you have any further questions please CONTACT US.


        We look forward to helping you to sell your Sustainable Property.

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