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Fantastic Site

Your site has been fantastic, we had quite a few viewings, one that we had back in September, they contacted us again in early December saying they wanted to make an offer, we accepted and only just today completed the sale at the notary.

Thanks again we can’t recommend your site highly enough.


Great Service

Thank you for your emails and attention to your clients. You provide a great service!
Regards, Frits


Wide reach

Thanks for all David. You have a fantastic website! Great opportunity for those who want to announce their property with sustainable qualities. We noticed that a great amount of people worldwide are reached…


Most hits!

Thank you David. I got the most hits from your site. I have recommended your site to others who are in sell mode.
Best regards,


Great webpage

Thank you for all the work.

I think its truly a great webpage you have created!

Anna HD

Many thanks

The Sustainable Properties website generated a high volume of interested parties for my Spanish finca, one of whom went on to buy my property. The kind of information included on the website meant that prospective buyers had a good idea of what the property was like before viewing it. This saved wasting time arranging viewings for people for whom it wasn’t suitable. I would recommend this website to anyone with a rural property to sell.


Property sold

Our property has now been sold for the full asking price through the ad on your website! we have had more interest – and more genuine interest – via your website than through any other of the places where we have advertised. I will definitely recommend it.

Sue DH

Great service!

Thank you for the great service, we had many enquiries through SUS Props. Recommended!

Paul Cooper & Tracy Rose

Great Service

We had more enquiries from SP than we did from other so called ‘high profile sites’.
Not only that, but David actually cares about the people that list on his site.
Your house may have a listing number but he doesn’t treat you as one.

Paul Thompson

Unique webpage

Thank you for your great work!
Your informative webpage that allows the buyers to pre-screen the property is invaluable especially for properties that boost green credentials and are a bit different. We have had a lot of well matched interest from buyers who value sustainability and the site structure and focus makes it easy to follow them up. Great site and reliable service, highly recommended!

Kinga Monica

A magical way to meet the right people

A website and project that felt very honest from the first moment I saw it. It has been a very simple and straightforward way to meet the right people to buy the beautiful place that we had created. Many thanks to David for the smooth communication and patience during some months of emails back and forwards. It is magical to know that the family that bought our finca actually were the first ones getting in touch with us through sustainable properties for sale. All the best with the new website!

Gemma Polo Pujol
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