Looking for a property to RENT LONG TERM

  • 4 years ago
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Responsible, entrepreneurial couple (36+40 yrs) and two dogs from The Netherlands are looking for a nice Rural and private place to rent, for at least a year. What we aim for is a plot of land (from 1HA and up) and the opportunity to set up 2 self catering, mobile units and/or to offer small scale vegan (chocolate) retreats that are an extension of what we did here (we used to have a homemade vegan chocolate shop in Amsterdam). We currently have a steady online income and there is a possibility to buy in the future. We are responsible tenants, with references. A liveable HOUSE is highly preferred but we are also open to renting land. Just like you we appreciate clear conditions and commitment. Our ideal place? Tuscany, Italy. But, we are open to whatever comes our way as long as it’s sunny in summer and close to swimming water. What we want to spend on a monthly basis depends on the agreements. Let’s chat! Email Dragonvlaai@hotmail.com / Laura


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